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CANADEM - Executive Director

Ottawa, Ontario
CANADEM is hiring a new full-time Executive Director, its most senior staff member, reporting directly to its Board. Interested applicants are invited to submit a cover letter and resume (merged into one document). Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

To apply, click the "Apply Now" button on this page, upload your CV/Cover letter document, and complete the application form. 

An international Non-Governmental Organization created 26 years ago, CANADEM is a rapid-response mechanism to identify and deploy international experts of every kind to situations and missions worldwide. Its fundamental premise is that identifying and staffing field operations with the right individuals is key to advancing international peace and security. It has one of the largest international rosters (over 60,000) in the world, with the majority from Africa, the Middle-East, and Asia. Headquartered in Ottawa, it has a small experienced team of twelve full-time and six part-time staff. It currently hires and deploys about 250 experts annually, many seconded to various UN humanitarian field agencies. In addition, it deploys about 100 long and short-term election observers annually, seconding them to OSCE, EU, and OAS missions. As determined by funding, in past years CANADEM has deployed almost every conceivable type of expert to almost every conceivable field mission. Going forward a new Executive Director will be focused on making greater use of its international roster.

The starting salary is $135,000 and partial funding for relocation to Ottawa is negotiable.

Part One: Executive Director Characteristics

CANADEM is looking for an individual with a commitment to international service in the pursuit of international peace and security, and who has the following characteristics:
  • A leader confident in their own capacities, yet aware of the need to have a strong team and that such a team is critical to magnifying the combined effect of CANADEM’s staff and board.
  • A manager whose first instinct is to delegate both authority and responsibility to colleagues to enable them to apply their own solutions, yet exercises sufficient supervision and capacity to provide timely direction when needed.
  • A chief executive officer able to determine what is a decisive point or action that is essential and without which key deliverables will not be met, and in those instances will ensure that colleagues fulfill those decisive points.
  • A decision-maker capable of fast action and calming influence in crisis situations.
  • An entrepreneur, aware of the fragility of NGO funding, and alive to searching for and recognizing sustainable opportunities for the growth and development of CANADEM
  • An empathetic colleague with a sense of humour.

Part Two: Executive Director Functional Competencies

The new Executive Director will have the potential to build on CANADEM’s past and current core vocations. In the past, it has set up and managed its own field missions (including a multi-year standalone mission in Afghanistan with 20 internationals and 40 local staff). It has the capacity to mount stand-alone election observation missions (as it did in the past, with an operation involving 422 election observers).  It has fielded numerous short-term missions of various kinds. While the strength and reputation of CANADEM rest in its roster and its capacity to deploy international experts quickly in r
esponse to humanitarian crises, new opportunities are emerging. It will be the responsibility of the new Executive Director to evaluate CANADEM’s potential for developing new roles and to position CANADEM to market such initiatives to appropriate funding authorities.

The Executive Directors Functional Competencies and Accountabilities include:
  • Lead efforts to envisage new initiatives and market such initiatives/proposals.
  • Ensure the effective roll out of new projects/programs
  • Manage an experienced permanent Ottawa staff working in a hybrid office teleworking arrangement with a current annual financial flow-through of $12 million.
  • Ensure excellent financial oversight and operational planning abilities, to ensure that new proposals and agreements are financially and operationally sustainable.
  • Ensure solid risk assessment and mitigation planning skills, both for internal staff/board purposes and in providing oversight of CANADEM projects and undertakings.
  • Place a priority on Duty of Care awareness and mitigation, particularly as it affects individual field deployees
  • Experienced in dealing with UN Agencies, both HQ and in the field, with a strong awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, to enable CANADEM to maintain and expand its engagement with these agencies.
  • Preferably similar experience in dealing with Global Affairs Canada, possibly other Canadian government funders, and UK-FCDO, but at a minimum, able to ensure that others on the CANADEM team maintain and work to expand partnership with those partners.
  • Demonstrate a capacity for strong written and spoken English. A similar competency in French is desirable; other linguistic capabilities would be an asset.

Executive Director and the Board

The relationship between the Executive Director of CANADEM and CANADEM’s Board is fundamental to the organization’s success. Although the Board is not involved in day-to-day operations, it expects that the Executive Director will do the following:
  • Provide the Board with sufficient relevant information in a timely manner to enable the Board to discharge its oversight functions;
  • Involve the Board in strategic visioning and strategies going forward;
  • Ensure that CANADEM has a competent management team in place;
  • Provide sufficient advance notice of any major/substantial new contractual commitment or any major/substantial role/mandate change for CANADEM.
  • Identify, evaluate, and inform the Board of potential, emerging, or ongoing principal risks; and satisfy the Board on how management proposes to manage those risks.

Further Terms and Conditions: The Executive Director serves at the discretion of the Board. The starting salary is $135,000, with automatic raises of 4% every year for 5 years plus an annual Cost of Living Adjustment. The Board can authorize a raise in salary if job responsibilities change substantively. The Executive Director has 5 weeks annual leave but does not receive overtime pay, except in unique circumstances and subject to Board approval.  Other terms and conditions are identical to other CANADEM staff and will be provided to candidates shortlisted. Note that there are no bonuses, no health coverage, and no pension, but there is a voluntary group retirement plan that staff can buy into.

CANADEM and its partners have a no-tolerance policy for inaction to prevent, respond to and follow up on alleged cases of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment (SEAH). For this reason, we adhere to all policies, procedures and training of the United Nations on The Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment (PSEAH). CANADEM mandates all deployees successfully complete the PSEA online course. This e-learning course is composed of a set of lessons designed to raise awareness about SEAH, become familiar with a range of measures to combat SEAH, understand the impact on victims and the consequences for UN Personnel who commit Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment.

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