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WFP-Senior Electrician-P3-N'Djamena, Chad

N'Djamena, Chad
Position Title: Senior Electrician
Receiving Agency: WFP
P Level: P3
Location: N'Djamena, Chad
Duration: 5 months (until March 31 2023)
Language: French and English

This position will support WFP CHAD CO, which is based in N'Djamena, Chad. The Electrical Engineer will work with the Engineering Team and will provide expertise in his/her discipline. They will work on the projects that contain elements of Electrical systems including Building systems and Energy Efficiency Programme (EEP) projects. The candidate will assist the team in any technical, financial, and administrative aspects of the assigned projects, fields of work or emergency operations with which the team is involved. The Electrical Engineer will be based in N'Djamena but with frequent travels in the  country to duty  stations to undertake  assessment  of works  or proposed works  or in the  support of country offices and engineering teams.


Under the general supervision of the Chief of the Administration Unit or delegated person,  duties required of the  Electrical  Engineer shall  include  but are not limited to the  following:
1.   Undertake electrical pre-surveys, surveys and audits on various facilities within the organization, which includes gathering and filing data,  providing support to the  respondents, identification,  recommendation  and configuration  of the types of equipment.
2.    Regular follow  up with  Country Offices (CO)s on the  EEP grants and execution of projects within the relevant timeframe and communicate with  focal  points  to ensure  projects are making progress on weekly  basis.  In addition, there  is a  need  for assessment  of the  project every 6 months  during the implementation  of the  project to ensure that the project continue
to meet the criteria set for the grants and continued adherence to the EEP Directive.
3.    Ensure the normal operations of WFP energy monitoring systems installed in field offices.
Liaise with focal points and electricians and help in the troubleshooting of failed  systems. When   necessary,  arrange  replacement   of   the  monitoring  systems  by   shipping   new equipment to Country Offices.
4.    Conduct  remote or onsite  assessments of the electrical  distribution  system  in WFP  premises, and assist  in the  preparation of scope-of-works documents and draft contract documents for the implementation  of the works.
5.   Carry out and oversee  electrical works in  field  locations,  including  renovation  of electrical distribution  systems  and installation/commissioning  of power sources.
6.   Follow  up completed  EEP projects to ensure proper operation  of systems,  remote monitoring and collect data  for the calculation of saving  estimated  in  planning phase.
7     Attend meetings and prepare and review reports, minutes  and correspondence.
8.    Undertake administrative tasks as required,  and provide project management services  for the projects where  and when requested.
9.    Establishment and maintenance of project performance monitoring,  evaluation  and reporting procedures, up to project completion.
11. Operate  computer-assisted  engineering and design  software  and equipment to develop designs  of power supply  and distribution  systems.
12. Undertake missions in the field,  if and when  required, to complete project-specific assigned tasks  or the undertake surveys and detailed  analysis.
13. Assist in developing guidance and standards for upgrading of existing  WFP premises and new builds so as to be as energy efficient as practicable.
14. Train users  on the proper use af the  WFP power supply  systems.
15. Undertake and complete electrical  designs  from simple  to more  complex drawings and layouts in CAD software.
16. At any  moment be able to undertake extended field  missions  in support of WFP Engineering response to  Emergencies.
17. Any  other tasks  as may be assigned  by the Chief Engineer or designate,  from time to time
10.  Participate in design reviews  or meetings or workshops  (reading, interpreting   and critique/comment  on technical  drawings, proposals, specifications, schematics, etc) and giving  advice  and recommendation.


Essential  - University degree in Electrical Engineering.

Master degree  in relevant  discipline is an advantage.

  • At least 5 years  relevant  electrical  experience at increasing levels  of responsibilities
  • Experience  of working within  the  Humanitarian  Community.

Knowledge & Skills:
  • Good knowledge and/or experience in engineering electrical  design and specification
  • Good knowledge and experience  in energy  topics (waste, water,  electricity, renewable sources,  green  technologies,  energy  efficiency,  etc}

Languages:        Fluent  in English and French
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