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UNHCR-IMO-P3-Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

Position Title: Information Management Officer
Receiving Agency: UNHCR
P Level: P3
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Duration: 2-3 months.(end of contract must be 31 Oct 2022)
Language: English is required. Romanian/Russian/Ukrainian is an asset

The Russian Federation invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 has resulted in mass displacement of people internally and across international borders. As of 9 June 2022,  at total of 7,363,623 people have arrived from Ukraine to border countries and beyond. Based on official data, the number of refugees who crossed into Romania (from Ukraine and through Moldova) is reported at 1,138,482 as of 20 June 2022. Most refugees are female Ukrainian nationals, generally travelling with elderly relatives or minors. In addition, movements of refugees returning to Ukraine have been observed from all neighboring countries -- including Romania. In this context the Government of Romania and host communities have responded with speed and generosity to the unprecedented arrival of thousands of refugees fleeing the conflict iUkraine. As the Government, civil society and volunteers continue to respond, additional financial and technical support will be required to address mid and long-term needs through sustainable interventions.
Stemming from decisions at the EU level, Romania has granted Temporary Protection status to Ukrainian citizens and third country nationals arriving to the country. This status gives wide access to rights and services which require adaptations and specific measures to make them effective in practice.
UNHCR, together with UN agencies and NGOs, are supporting the government's response through inter-agency coordination and a Refugee Response Plan that aligns with the government's priorities and activities.
As the main responder, the Government of Romania has also developed An Emergency Ordinance containing a National Action Plan (NAP), under its own coordination structure with  35 measures in the areas of Labour,  Housing,  Education,  Health, Children and Youth, Vulnerable Persons and Cross-cutting Issues. The Plan serves as blueprint for the Administration's work towards inclusion of Ukrainian refugees in the social and economic structures of Romania.

Being based in Bucharest,  Romania the deployer will strengthen the Information Management capacity of the Office of the State
Counsellor for Humanitarian Assistance,  notably on matters related to the implementation of the NAP.

Support the governmental capacity in response to ongoing emergency.

Under the supervision of the State Counsellor for Humanitarian Coordination or a delegated governmental official,  and with an administrative lien to UNHCR Country Office in Romania, the Information Management Officer will:

Coordinate data and information management activities
- Lead to the design and implement data strategies and systems.
- Coordinate and implement the collection, storage,  management and protection of data.
- Coordinate consolidation of data systems,  including the interoperability of operational data and systems.
- Take part the relevant IM  network (internal and external) on refugee (namely Information Management Working Group) Participate in the data and information management team and activities.
- Ensure data security, data protection and responsible data-sharing.

Support offices with data and information management
Conduct the analysis of primary and secondary data for interpretation and evidence-informed decision making.
Coordinate the monitoring of data and information management activities for integrity, veracity, reliability and credibility and compliance with policies.
Consult  on  assessments  and  situational   analysis  process  with  analytical  frameworks,   data  collection,   and  analysis
(standards,  methodologies).
Facilitate monitoring by providing quality assurance to the monitoring methodologies, data collection and analyses.


coordinate country assessment and situational  analysis,  such as in National Action Plan (NAP) and Refuge  Response Plan(RRP)Conduct the analysis of trends concerning changes at the outcome and impact levels.Develop information  management products such as indicators,  templates,  maps and dashboards. Maintain web-based data po rtals.W ork closely with the Information  Management working group (IMW G) to ensure the communication of information  needs ofthe sectors and the findings of the IMW G.

Work in close collaboration with
Relevant state and governmental bodies responsible to implement the measures included in the NAP. UNHCR and other organisations members of the Inter-Agency coordination structures.
Operations coordinators and reporting officers on the design and delivery of data and information management products for internal and external consumption.
Sectors technical  experts  on the  methodologies,  formats,  storage  and dissemination  of sectoral  data and information, including cross sector analysis.
Senior management to understand and serve their information and knowledge needs.


For P3NOC - 6 years relevant experience with Undergraduate degree; or 5 years relevant experience with Graduate degree; or
4 years relevant experience with Doctorate degree

Field(s) of Education

•     Social Science;
•     Statistics;
•     Information Management;
•     Physical Science;
•     Demography;
•     Economics;
•      Data Science;
•     Computer Science;
•     or other relevant field.

•      Relevant Job Experience

Experience  in  working with Governments  and authorities  along with  research design and implementation  data sharing,  data management and data analysis to support policy formulation and implementation.

Knowledge of national and international statistical systems; knowledge of international protection, human rights and international humanitarian law; experience in data collection and analysis in field situations; knowledge of GIS and geospatial systems and techniques.

•      Functional Skills

Data collection methodologies
Data Management
Database Design & Development
Data Collection Analysis
Statistics Analysis
Data Visualisation
Open Source Software & Data
Population census and econometrics
Cluster Information Management Tools,  Resources and Approaches
Needs Assessment and Response Analysis


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