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UNHCR-Senior Accommodation & Transport Sector Officer-P4-Chisinau, Moldova

Chisinau, Moldova
Position Title: Senior Accommodation & Transport Sector Officer
Receiving Agency: UNHCR
P Level: P4
Location: Chisinau, Moldova
Duration: 4 months
Language: English is required. Russian/Ukrainian/Local language is desirable
Operational Context
UNHCR estimates that over 4 million people could flee from Ukraine and seek protection and support across the region. UNHCR will support government-led efforts through a multisectoral approach focusing on protection, reception/shelter and material, as well as cash assistance for the most vulnerable groups and for individuals with specific needs. The response will identify and address refugees’ needs, taking into account considerations related to age, gender and diversity. Given the high numbers of women and children – it will ensure targeted child protection interventions and proactive prevention and response to gender-based violence, including in relation to sexual exploitation and abuse.
Aim of the Mission
Provide support to government, UNHCR, partners and IA partners to ensure adequate and effective coordination of the Accommodation and Transport Sector, including protection sensitive site support, shelter, WASH, NFI and food security areas of operational interventions.
  • Support the government to have adequate coordination capacity of activities in the Accommodation and Transport Sector
  • Lead and coordinate the UNHCR field/ shelter unit
  • Contribute to IA coordination and liaise with other sectors/ sector leads on cross-sectoral interventions (protection, CBI etc)
Under the supervision of the Emergency Coordinator
  • Carry out comprehensive sectoral needs assessments while liaising with other relevant sectors such as protection, programme, CBI.
  • Liaise with the government, line ministries and relevant authorities and counterparts to ensure strong coordination and partnership.
  • Manage infrastructure interventions in a timely, cost-effective, inter-sectoral manner providing adequate delivery of technical interventions in transit hubs, reception areas, blue dots and enrollment facilities.
  • Collaborate with Programme and emphasise the importance of reviewing technical components of the Project Partnership Agreements that contain any construction and infrastructure projects.
  • Work with the Supply team to advise on matters related to the procurement of construction, infrastructure and other sector related works and services, including the development of technical specifications, BoQs and drawings for bid documents.
  • Carry out technical evaluation of the received bids as well as review/inspect the quality of shelter and infrastructure products/works during implementation and at completion.
  • Support as requested with any matters related to accommodation and housing for Ukrainian refugees staying in the country, focusing on full access to rental market, rental protection, eviction prevention
  • Support new and innovative approaches to hosting of Ukrainian refugees in the country
  • Perform other related duties as required.
  • Strong experience in working in support of host governments
  • Understanding of mandate of UNHCR and the governments
  • Experience in middle to high income countries, preferably in the European context
  • Experience in coordination in refugee and/or displacement contexts (RCM, CCCM)

Essential requirements
  • Experience of construction management (including site supervision, monitoring, quality control, evaluation etc.) including application of participatory approaches to facilitate active participation of communities into the project cycle and into the construction process
  • Experience in working with technical departments.
  • Prior experience in designing and implementing community-based projects.
  • Hands-on project formulation, planning, supervision and management experience.
  • Strong experience in inter-agency coordination.
  • Strong experience in building on existing local capacity and transfer knowledge as appropriate.
Personal Characteristics
Innovative, out of the box thinker, hands-on and practical

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