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UNHCR-Inter-Agency Coordination Officer-P3-Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

Position Title: Inter-Agency Coordination Officer
Receiving Agency: UNHCR
P Level: P3
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Duration: 3 months 
Language: English is required. Russian, and/or Ukrainian is highly desirable



The Russian Federation launched a military offensive against Ukraine on 24 February 2022. In the space of just two weeks, more than 2.5 million refugees have been forced to flee Ukraine, while an additional 1.85 million people have been displaced internally within the country. An estimated 12.65 million people have been affected in the areas hardest hit by the war within Ukraine. The escalation of conflict has triggered an immediate and steep rise in humanitarian needs, both within the country as well as in the neighboring countries receiving refugees. UNHCR has facilitated the establishment of coordination structures in line with the Refugee Coordination Model, with support from Inter-Agency coordination officers (IACO) at the regional and country level.

Considering the magnitude of the response, to support the Romanian Government, UNHCR coordinates the refugee response of UN agencies and NGOs and to do so, established the Refugee Coordination Forum (RCF). Under the co-lead of UNHCR, other UN agencies and national and International NGOs, thematic Workings Groups (WGs) for Protection, Basic Needs, Health, etc. have been established, together with sub-groups for example on Education, Child Protection and Mental Health and Psychosocial support. These sectors are supported by dedicated cross-functional working groups addressing multipurpose cash and voucher assistance, Information Management and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. Co-leads of these WGs report to the Refugee Inter-Agency Coordination group, led by UNHCR and the Government. They also participate in Government led WGs to ensure that all WGs support the Romanian Government and that all interventions are harmonised with those of the Government.  A Senior Inter-Agency Coordinator is supporting the implementation of the RCF, including UNHCR colleagues, who co-lead the various thematic WGs as well as is co-leading the Refugee Inter-Agency Coordination group, together with the Government, which is an inter-sector group.  A Regional Refugee Response Plan with country chapters, including for Romania, is currently developed, which outlines the planned response of UN agencies and NGOs and respective funding requirements.



Under the direct supervision of the Senior Inter-Agency Coordination Officer, the IACO will support the setup, firming up and strengthening of the overall country-level Inter-Agency coordination architecture, supporting the refugee response in line with the Refugee Coordination Model. The IACO will also review the coordination architecture at country level and adjust it in a manner that will be aligned with and include the full features of the RCM model, including the preparation, launch and implementation/ follow up of the refugee response plan (RRP).

The IACO will also consult with partners in the respective sector coordination Working Groups on the revision and adaptation of the coordination architecture beyond the first phase of the emergency, taking into consideration the duration of the RRP. He/ she will chair the Refugee Coordination Forum (a.k.a Inter-sectoral Working Group), head the coordination Inter-Agency cell and support Sectoral WG chairs in displaying their coordination function, notably by continuing to ensure that coordination is fit for purpose, complements ongoing responses at community level and national authorities-led coordination structures.

The Inter-Agency Coordination Officer (IACO) will also deliver targeted trainings and support the dissemination of related information on UNHCR role and mandate, supporting UNHCR’s leadership and coordination for the Ukraine refugee emergency.


Under the direct supervision of the Senior Inter-Agency Coordination Officer, the IACO will:
  • Support the Senior Inter-Agency Coordination Officer, lead the Inter-Agency refugee response coordination mechanisms in place, including by undertaking missions to identify operational, funding challenges, and risks facing the refugee response and to foster the best possible Inter-Agency collaboration, synergy and action;
  • Assist with the preparation, revision or updating of UNHCR-led RRPs and ensure that partners’ plans are incorporated to include coherent scenarios and strategies on protection and durable solutions as well as resource requirements, advocacy and information-management;
  • Act as a focal point for the monitoring of the RRP’s progress, ensure that reporting requirements are fulfilled, and advise the Senior Inter-Agency Coordination Officer as well as Working Groups ‘chairs on the revision process, if need be; 
  • Draft weekly Inter-Agency reports on the implementation of the RRPs by UNHCR and partners and liaise respectively with partners to ensure their input to such reports;  
  • Assist the office in supporting the information-sharing mechanisms for all stakeholders, including updated contact list of sector Working Groups;
  • Assist with ongoing needs assessments and ensure that respective methodologies evolve as per global standards, expand through partners and are centrally analyzed, informing the Refugee response strategies, mobilization of resources and, where applicable, public messages. Conduct trainings of staff/WGs members on Inter-Agency coordination of refugee responses;
  • In particular, support the IA IMO with the implementation of the partnership with REACH (monitoring and management), actively engaging in the Area-based Monitoring, Site Mapping, Site Monitoring and MSNA conducted by REACH on behalf of UNHCR, ensuring the involvement of IMWG Partners and other sectors;
  • Maintain a pro-active external relations and strategic communications posture on key developments of the emergency response and regularly provide briefings and other information or advocacy products to relevant counterparts, including national authorities, donors and other stakeholders;
  • Support the involvement of the Government in the overall coordination of the refugee response, including in co-leading and being member of the sector coordination Working Groups;
  • Advocate with Government counterparts to facilitate the integration of the Refugee response plan – and refugee communities overall - within the respective national policies and plans;
  • Work on strengthening partnerships and creating synergies with other partners, including UN agencies, International and National NGOs, in particular refugee- and women-led organizations and faith-based organizations, the civil society and the academia, as well as development and other actors, on areas of common interest, promoting joint initiatives and where applicable support negotiations on joint agreements or work;
  • Represent, as required, the RCM coordination architecture in formal meetings with Government and local authorities, donors meetings, Sectoral WGs bilateral meetings, local coordination structures, etc. Ensure UNHCR’s participation in meetings, consultations, initiatives or other events crucial to coordination of the refugee response;
  • Support Sectoral WG chairs in displaying their coordination function, notably by continuing to ensure that coordination is fit for purpose, complement ongoing responses at community level and that all partners (INGOs, local NGOs, CSOs) are connected to the coordination architecture;
  • Ensure the Sectoral Working Groups send timely contribution for the Inter-Agency sitrep and clear the sitrep with the other co-chairs and the Senior Inter-Agency Coordination Officer.
  • Assist the office to ensure timely preparedness, response and tracking of activities across the Working Groups, including through participation and coordination in Inter- Agency meetings in close liaison with Senior management;  
  • Support the visibility for and mobilization of funding support for UNHCR’s activities, interests or concerns relating to the situation;
  • Any other tasks as necessary, including with supporting the Representative and also External Relations Office with their engagement with the donor community and external audience, in connection with inter-agency topics.




6 years relevant experience with Undergraduate degree; or 5 years relevant experience with Graduate degree; or 4 years relevant experience with Doctorate degree

Essential requirements

  • Inter-Agency Coordination experience
  • Completion of the IACLP before deployment
  • UNHCR or UN agency field experience in a similar coordination role, particularly on RRPs
  • Proven ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of stakeholders, including experience of liaising with governments and/or the donor community.
  • Good knowledge of English language

Desired requirements

  • Knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian language

Personal Characteristics

  • Accountability
  • Interpersonal skills and communication
  • Organizational Awareness
  • Leadership skills
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Commitment to Continuous Learning
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Flexibility
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Technological Awareness


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