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WFP-Civil Engineer-P3-Juba, South Sudan

Juba, South Sudan
Title: Civil Engineer
Duration: 6 months
Location: Juba, South Sudan
Level: P3
Receiving Agency: WFP


South Sudan presents one of the most logistically challenging countries due to logistic gaps, demographic constraints, ongoing insecurity and poor infrastructure. Roads and basic infrastructure in South Sudan are rudimentary and inadequate for surface travel and the delivery of cargo. The rainy season which lasts from May to November, renders nearly 60 percent of the country inaccessible, meaning that road access to numerous areas of humanitarian intervention becomes impossible. In addition to the volatile security situation and poor condition of the logistical infrastructure, there are demographic and geographic factors affecting humanitarian assistance. With a population of approximately 12 million, over 80 percent lives in rural areas, spread across a vast area of 650,000 square kilometers, movement of humanitarian cargo from the major hubs to areas of operation is challenging.

Challenges faced by the CO

Over three dozen new and improvement / upgrade projects are currently in progress that put a tremendous pressure on WFP’s internally available human resources. To minimize delays in projects completion for a number of unavoidable WFP operations related factors and achieve best possible quality of completed works, there is a need to supplement the engineers’ efforts on monitoring and supervision of ongoing works with additional construction supervision and quality assurance function on behalf of the client units. The client’s supervision of the ongoing WFP infrastructure construction and upgrade projects shall contribute to the projects completion in a timely, qualitative and professional manner to ensure smooth operation and maintenance of the completed facilities in the future. This is more specifically the need of the hour due to rainy season and the requirement for the already deployed engineers to be present in the field to supervise the contractors activities on the construction and upgrades of WFP infrastructure and facilities. The support from standby partners would help effectively plan, design and coordinate the implementation of these projects with particular focus on the associated facilities operation and maintenance.

Overall scope of the mission and expected impact

The Standby Partner will be working under the direct supervision of the Head of Administration and technical oversight of the Lead Engineer, and will be responsible, from inception to completion, for a variety of projects for WFP’s South Sudan operations. Projects include establishment and renovation/upgrade/replacement of office, accommodation and warehouse facilities and related infrastructure (including water supply and treatment, sanitation, earthworks, security walls, minor roads, drainage, civil works for power supply, ICT, etc.). At the end of the deployment, it’s expected to have a facilities management system in place that CO engineers and administration team can follow up

Exit strategy

At the end of the deployment the Standby partner will provide reports and recommendation for regular inspection of the civil works and facilities ensuring that required level of the WFP South Sudan infrastructure care and maintenance is undertaken. WFP SSCO retains within its staff National Engineers to undertake these activities. The standby partner support function should gradually reduce in scale as the longer-term staff become capable to handle the workload.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
  • In line with the WFP established reporting requirements prepare project progress and completion reports.
  • Monitor all works including proactively seeking solutions to issues arising (contractual, authorities on site, etc.) and compile regular reports, etc., to ensure WEFP priorities, quality standards and time schedules are adhered to and accurate information is provided to project stakeholders.
  • Work closely with WFP South Sudanese Engineers and provide overall guidance, capacity building and on the job training if and as required. Proactively encourage the engineers in all aspects of engineering duty, and regularly report on recommendations for further training etc., to the Head of Administration and Lead Engineer.
  • Provision of engineering and project management services as required to augment the WFP CO current engineering support capacity.
  • Provision of advice to the Head of Administration concerning facilities and infrastructure related issues observed in the WFP Country Office in Juba and Field Offices across the country.
  • Conduct field missions, site assessments, prepare reports. Contribute to preparation of technical documentation for the bidding and contract documents (scope of works, technical specifications, bill of quantities, drawings), focusing on ensuring that the requirements and need of client units, particularly those of the WFP South Sudan Administration, are adequately addressed and specified in the bidding and contract documents.
  • Review existing quality assurance procedures used for WFP South Sudan internal infrastructure construction and upgrade projects and recommend improvements if and as required.
  • Completion of all necessary measurements and control of quality of the works for the implementation of the works.
  • Assurance of the quality of the works during construction, continuously inspecting the materials and construction operations with regard to workmanship and compliance with the specifications. Carrying out independent testing in the field and/or in a laboratory in order to approve or disapprove the certify the works that conform to the contract. Maintenance of permanent records of results of all the tests made.
  • Ensure that the contractors abide by the internally recognized standards of health and safety for the works, adjacent properties, all site personnel and the general public.

Expected Outputs/Deliverables
  • Project progress and completion reports have been prepared and submitted to the Head of Administration.
  • Technical documents, including scope of works, drawings, specifications and bill of quantities to be submitted for further action to the CO Head of Administration in accordance with agreed timelines/approved schedules.
  • Any other engineering support and advice requested by the CO units and sub-offices have been provided in a timely and professional manner.
Competencies required
  • Experience in office/accommodation infrastructure and associated facilities construction and maintenance, experience of work in remote locations.

Qualifications (working experience) and language requirements
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) with 15 years experience
  • Project Management, Construction supervision, Facility Management and Architectural Design.

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