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OCHA-IMO-P3-Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala City, Guatemala
Duration 3 months

 Main tasks and duties to be executed (specify precisely in a maximum of 10 bullet points):

•    Establish and maintain an information management working group to facilitate humanitarian information exchange and the promotion of data and information standards; engage with counterparts in government to ensure that information activities are coordinated and consistent with national standards and practices;

•    Advocate for the use of data standards and common platforms, and for the open exchange of information and the promotion of data and information standards;

•    Design, develop and manage databases, spreadsheets and other data tools related to the response and its humanitarian implications;

•    Support needs analysis activities, including humanitarian needs overviews, secondary data reviews, and multi-cluster initial rapid assessments; provide advice on assessment design to ensure data quality.

•    Produce and update information products including high-quality map products, charts and infographics by turning data into graphical products to convey messages and a storyline;

•    Support assessment and needs analysis activities, including needs overviews, secondary data reviews;

•    Manage platforms and tools that support data collection and analysis;

7. Expected outcome of the deployment (detail in bullet point form the anticipated achievements and added value expectedfrom the deployment):

Effective IM support is provided to the UN RC, UN Country Team and Assessment Working Group for overseeing and coordinating response efforts.

8. Specific required skills (languages, experience, ability to work remotely/as a singleton, soft skills, etc.):

Knowledge of designing, developing and managing databases, spreadsheets and other data tools;

Understanding and ensuring the quality of high-value data for accuracy, consistency and comparability;
Experience in collection and sharing 3W data.

•    Understanding of assessment and needs analysis activities and tools, including Kobo;

•    Ability to produce visual information products such as charts and infographics by turning data into graphical products, using the Adobe Suite and Power BI.

•    Understanding of full range of humanitarian and emergency relief assistance and related humanitarian issues;

•    Ability to work independently, to be strongly self-motivated and not needing detailed guidance or direction;

•    Knowledge of institutional mandates, policies and guidelines related to humanitarian affairs and seasoned knowledge of the institutions of the UN system;

•    Language: Fluency in English and Spanish (both oral and written) is required._


9. Brief description of emergency outbreak/upsurge and the consequences for OCHA: Millions suffering from Eta's consequences are now on the brink of facing a second major storm in as many weeks, with Hurricane Iota bearing down on Central America's Caribbean coasts on a path virtually identical to that of Eta and setting up a potentially catastrophic scenario upon its projected landfall as a Category 5 storm. Iota is forecast to bring rainfall of up to 400mm in Honduras, northern Nicaragua, Guatemala and southern Belize. These conditions will bring significant, life-threatening flash flooding and river flooding, along with landslides in higher elevation areas, risks that are compounded by high soil saturations from Eta.

The prospect of a second major hurricane is particularly daunting in Honduras and Guatemala, where authorities and humanitarian organizations are still carrying out ongoing assessments that are revealing the magnitude of Eta's impact on millions of people ahead of Iota's imminent arrival. Governments, NGOs and UN teams continue to overcome critical access constraints and reach affected communities and gather more comprehensive information on their needs

 Main partners and stakeholders in the field:

Governments, UN agencies, development partners (donors), NGOs, Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement

Travel within Guatemala and to affected communities might be required.

 Visa requirements (e.g. visa on arrival, type of visa required, letter of invitation required, timeframe for obtaining visa, any other useful information. Note that SBP deployees are not UNLP holders, travelling with national passports only):

R&R cycle and location/destination: N/A

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