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OCHA-CMCO-P4-Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, Senegal
Title: Civil-Military Coordination Officer
Level: P4
Location: Dakar, Senegal
Duration: 6 months
Languages: French and English

The situation in the Central Sahel has deteriorated significantly over the last years. In Burkina Faso, Mali, and western Niger, complex and fast-growing crises are causing unprecedented needs. Armed violence and insecurity have forced more people than ever before to flee their homes, destroying the social fabric of communities and disrupting basic social services and governance. Across the region, the number of internally displaced people has risen from 70,000 to 1.4 million in less than two years. Human rights violations, including gender-based violence, are on a sharp rise. A dramatic food crisis hits conflict-affected regions the hardest, and the number of people facing critical lack of food has more than tripled in Burkina Faso, almost doubled in Mali, and increased by 77 per cent in Niger. Access to people in need has become increasingly difficult, and militarized and politicized response constitutes a major risk to humanitarian action.
This situation has increased the importance of humanitarian coordination and in those countries affected by conflict, has positioned as a central stake the humanitarian civil military coordination. It is indeed essential to ensure a dialogue on humanitarian access and on the respective roles of military actors and humanitarian community. At countries, cross-borders and regional levels, the expectation for OCHA to facilitate this dialogue and information sharing has been increasing over the last year.

Surge Justification

Civil-military coordination and discussions over humanitarian access have been taking place in the countries of Central Sahel and in Dakar at regional level. The regional office developed in 2019 an offer of services in these fields of expertise and provided several surge missions in the region.
To respond to the increasing need to support countries and to facilitate and sustain a regional dialogue, the regional office requires a dedicated resource with consequent CMCoord background and expertise to engage with OCHA country offices and with regional stakeholders and partners. This resource will contribute to design a CMCoord roadmap that could be implemented and followed up by the ROWCA team afterwards.

Travel Required

-         30% travel mainly  in the  region (Mauritania,  Niger,  Mali,  Burkina Faso)

Overall Security Situation

Security level:
-         Dakar: Level 2 (Low)
-         SSAFE training required: No.
Living conditions: Access to markets / basic comforts is available.
Accommodation provision: As most UN offices are established in Dakar, most UN staff rent their accommodations in Dakar for the medium-term.

Main Tasks and Duties

  • Provide advisory capacity on strategic and operational Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination at regional level, with a clear line of technical support with the Civil-Military Coordination Service (CMCS) in the Response Support Branch, Coordination Division, OCHA Geneva;
  • Facilitate regional exchanges with OCHA Civil-Military Coordination focal points in Central Sahel to monitor the regional trends and enable cross-border cooperation;
  • Support the regional Task Force on Access / Humanitarian Principles in achieving its objectives to share information, promote common situational awareness and conduct advocacy initiatives, as needed.
  • Liaise and establish a network of key regional stakeholders (G5Sahel, Barkhane, ECOWAS and other relevant actors) with a view to engaging them in a principled manner through appropriate interaction.
  • Organise and participate in the design of specific and adequate training for regional stakeholders
    • Overview of Humanitarian Civil-Military Coordination for key regional stakeholders
    •  Training for trainers (for OCHA & partners involved in national CMCoord platforms)
    • Technical “on-the-job” support for ROWCA staff to enhance their CMCoord expertise
  • Provide technical support in the design of country-specific civil-military guidelines based on requests from CO and OCHA Civil-Military Coordination focal points in Central Sahel.
  • Participate in comprehensive assessments, mapping and analysis of the humanitarian civil-military operating environment in order to formulate and subsequently implement a viable humanitarian CMCoord strategy and action plan at regional level. Continually evaluate the implementation and effect of the plan and revise it as appropriate (this task is to be confirmed and would be implemented in support of a potential HQ initiatives).
  • Promote and advocate for adherence to the applicable guidelines within the entire humanitarian community and advise on potential consequences if the guidelines are compromised and/or not consistently and coherently adhered to.
Expected Outcome
  • A regional humanitarian CMCoord strategy and action plan as well as key guidelines are developed / updated in line with the context analysis at regional level;
  • A capacity-building strategy is developed, key training courses organized, and awareness raised on existing guidelines and mechanisms;
  • Advocacy products through the regional Task Force

Specific Required Skills
  • English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. For this post, fluency in oral and written French and English is required.
  • Previous experience with OCHA in civil-military coordination is required.
  • Previous experience in civil-military coordination in the Sahel region is desirable,.
  • Previous experiences in the military as ranking officer with relevant experience in major humanitarian operations would be a strong asset.
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